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"meet nina, the brand new virtual ordering system"

The virtual waitress app is designed to facilitate interaction between restaurants/bars & customers by receiving food orders via a smartphone/tablet. The overall experience for the customer group, is enhanced by eliminating; order taking by the waiter, the time involved to place the order, waiting for the next available waiter to serve and finally, being able to pay online, so no further waiting around to pay the bill!

Using nina is as easy as 1,2,3

1: Create an account with us and scan the nina QR code that’s nearby.

2: Add the drinks or food that you will be having, to the checkout.

3: Make the payment and that’s it. The staff already know where you are and your order will come straight to you!

hire nina

hire nina

Regardless of whether you are a restaurant/bar owner or a hotelier, Nina would be the best solution for your business! Spoil your guests with an extremely fast virtual waitress service, as Nina will definitely increase your sales!!!

Spoil your guests with an extremely fast virtual waitress service, as nina will definitely increase your sales!!!

Capable of reaching the furthest sunbeds on the beach/pool/table/room

Nina will immediately send your orders to the bar/kitchen helping your staff for quicker service.

More drinks needed? Order is placed immediately

More drinks needed? Test Order is placed immediately

Capable of serving the most demanding guests, regardless of their nationality

nina works for all!